Please click on the Project List option above to select an existing Project to edit or delete, or to create a new Project.

After logging in, you can choose to either click on an existing project to continue editing and making changes,
or start a new project using any name you choose, or delete an old project.


This will recalculate the current page with your new information and redisplay the current prices.

This does the same as the previous button and continues on to the next page.

 ?  Hovering over these question mark boxes will display important pieces of information

Click this box.... - If you click these boxes, you will have to click the Save & Update button
to have it recalculate to bring in or take out the appropriate values.

Do not hit the Back button on your browser. This can have unpredictable results. Only use the button
choices on each page or the menu choices at the top of each page.

Numbers only! If you attempt to enter anything in the number fields other than numbers, your results
will change to zero when you save & update.

Drop down choices have both choices and prices listed. Once you make a choice, you can then change
the quantity field and click on Save & Update and your choice & price will be entered automatically for you.