Welcome to the Northwest Winery Cost-Of-Production Calculators, an online resource for Washington, Oregon and Idaho current and prospective winery owners that can help calculate initial investment and annual operating costs of small wineries.

Users are encouraged to develop a complete business plan of which pre-estimated costs from this calculator are only a first step to encourage the user to refine the estimates.

There are six Calculators based on winery size (annual case production): 500 cases, 1,000 cases, 2,000 cases, 3,000 cases, 5,000 cases and 10,000 cases.

Each Calculator has a section on initial equipment and investment costs, operating costs, and cash flow. The cash flow is over a 10-year time period and can be exported to a csv or excel file.

Before You Begin
Review the “Good Things to Know Section” for a short description of how the calculator works.

The Cost-Of-Production Calculators require you to enter your actual costs into the numerical fields. In some instances, the calculator provides industry average figures as default costs, in case you don’t know your actual costs. It is best that you have an idea of cost of production prior to using the calculator.

For the most accurate results, it will be helpful to have your costs on-hand before you begin.

Please review the Calculator FAQ to answer questions about the Calculators.


Step 1:

Choose the winery size (annual case production) that you want to use.

Step 2:

Follow the instructions at the top of each page as you enter your costs. If you do not know your costs, you may use the default costs pre-entered into the fields. The Equipment/Investment Costs page is your establishment costs for starting a winery. There are drop down menus that have baseline prices for different sizes of equipment/supplies.

Step 3:

Once you have entered your information, click either SAVE & UPDATE or SAVE & CONTINUE, which will take you to the next section.

Step 4:

Proceed through each section (Introductory Questions, Equipment/Investment Costs, Operating Costs, Cash Flow Projection)

Step 5:

The calculator will determine your cash flow over a 10-year time frame that you can save to your computer or print out for your records. From the Cash Flow Projection Page, you can edit your costs or begin a new calculator. You may also print out the Summary or save it to your computer.

Saving Your Results
The Cost-Of-Production Calculator allows you to save as many “projects” as you like. These figures and calculations remain in your login account until you choose to delete them.

The Results Summary Page may be printed or saved to your computer.

Cost-of Production Calculators Updated by the Washington Winegrowers Association

Northwest Winery Cost-Of-Production Calculators Funding


The Northwest Winery Cost-Of-Production Calculators were made possible with funds from a grant partnership between the Washington Wine Industry Foundation and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Federal Crop Insurance Corporation (FCIC), through the Risk Management Agency (RMA) titled: Grower Decision-Making Tools for Grapes and Tree Fruit.

Thank you to the team of winery owners and suppliers in Washington, Oregon and Idaho who provided guidance and tested the calculators.